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Digital report

What is a digital report ?

A digital report is a scientific report that you can write to present the results of your experiment. These reports can be stored and sync within a project (in your space), allowing your team to access them. In a digital report, you can include various elements such as interactive views of your results (like spreadsheets, plots...), mathematical formulas, images, and videos.

To create a digital report, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Reports page.
    1. Click on the + button located in the top right corner.
      1. Provide a title for your report.
        1. You have the option to associate the report with a project (required for synchronization with the project's space). You can choose to do this later.
          1. Click Save.
            1. This will open the report page, where you can start writing your report.

              How to associate a report with an experiment ?

              You can link a report to one or more experiments, which makes navigation easier and allows you to include views of the associated experiments' results in your report (refer to How to add a view to a report ?). When a report is synchronized with your space, all the associated experiments are automatically synchronized as well.

              To associate a report with an experiment, follow these steps:

              1. Open the Report page.
                1. In the Associated Experiments section, click on the + button.
                  1. Choose the experiment you want to associate with the report and click Save. Please note that the experiment and report must belong to the same project.

                    You can dissociate an experiment from a report by clicking on the X button next to the respective experiment.

                    How to add a view to a report ?

                    You can incorporate views of your experiment results directly into your report, making it more interactive and informative. There are two ways to add views to a report.

                    To add a view from the view itself (recommended), follow these steps:

                    • Open the view of interest from the Playground, Databox, or Viewbox.
                      • In the view menu , click on Add the view to a report.
                        • Select the report where you want to include the view.
                          • The view will be added at the end of your report. When adding the view this way, the experiment that generated the resource is automatically associated with the report.

                            To add a view from the report page, follow these steps:

                            • Open the Report page.
                              • Note that you can only add views from resources of associated experiments. Make sure you have associated the correct experiments before adding a view.
                                • On a new line in the report, click on the + button and then select Add resource view.

                                  • This will open the Viewbox, which displays a history of generated views. You will only see views of results from associated experiments. If you don't see your desired view, check the Include not flagged views option in the search. You can only access views that you have already generated.
                                    • For each view, you can use the preview button to see it before adding it to the report.
                                      • Once you have found your desired view, click on it to add it to your report.

                                        You can adjust the position of the view using the drag button in the text editor. After adding the view, you can set a title and description for it.

                                        To remove a view, you can delete it like any other element in the report.

                                        How to manage a report ?

                                        Here are the different options to manage a report:

                                        1. Update the report: This option allows you to update the title and the project associated with the report.
                                          1. Validate report: This option allows you to mark the report as validated. Refer to How to validate a report ? for more information on how to do this.
                                            1. Print: This option enables you to print the report. It is useful for converting the report to PDF format. However, it is recommended to share the report using the project in the space. Sharing the report allows you to retain its interactivity.
                                              1. Delete report: This option permanently deletes the report. Please note that this action is not reversible, so exercise caution when using it.

                                                How to synchronise a report ?

                                                Synchronization allows you to sync a report with your space. When you sync a report, it also sync all the associated experiments.

                                                1. Open the report that you want to synchronize.
                                                  1. Check if the report is attached to a project. If not, please refer to How to manage a report ? section to associate it with a project. The report must be associated with a project before synchronization to be correctly located in your space. You must have access to the project in the space to be able to sync the report.
                                                    1. Once the report is associated with a project, click on the Sync with space button. If the button is disabled, it means that the report is not associated with a project.
                                                      1. After synchronization, the report will be available in your space. Anyone with access to the project will be able to view the synchronized report.

                                                        To synchronize a report with your space, follow these steps:

                                                        How to validate a report ?

                                                        Validating a report mark it as "Validated," and once this is done, it cannot be modified. During the validation process, the report will automatically synchronize with your space (refer to How to synchronize the report ?). All the associated experiment are automatically validated. It must be associated with a project in order for it to be validated.

                                                        To validate the report, follow theses steps :

                                                        1. Make sure the report is associated with a project. If it is not associated with a project, please refer to the instructions on Manage the report to associate it with a project.
                                                          1. Ensure that the report is in its desired and final state, as validation is not reversible.
                                                            1. Click on Validate report button
                                                              1. The report and associated experiments will be marked as validated, and they will be locked from further modifications. The validated report and experiments will be stored and accessible in your space for traceability purposes.