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Configure data hub

How use the data hub to store project's documents

You can configure your project to store documents and reports on your datahub.

Configure the datahub

In datahub go to Settings > Monitoring > Credentials and create an new S3 Credentials with the following values :

  • Name : S3 server (recommended)
    • Credentials type : S3
      • Endpoint : https://glab.[LAB_URL]/s3-server and replace lab url the values after the front and before the /app. For https://front.rio.gencovery.io/app/ the url will be https://glab.rio.gencovery.io/s3-server
        • Region : set the name of your lab
          • Access key id : generate a password with at least 20 characters with letters and number
            • Secret access key : generate a password with at least 20 characters with letters and number

              That's it, you've configured a credentials than can be used by the project to store the files in the datahub.

              Configure the storage

              In the Admin dashboard > Others create a new bucket credentials with the value provided before :

              • Name : name for the credentials (it is recommended to include the lab name)
                • Acces key Id / Secret access key : provide the value created previously
                  • Cloud provider : leave empty
                    • Space : the space of the lab
                      • S3 username : leave empty
                        • Next create the bucket that reference your datahub and use this new credentials. Go to Admin dashboard > Buckets and create a new one with the following values : Bucket type : Lab
                          • Lab : select your datahub lab.
                            • Credentials : select the new created credentials

                              Create the bucket

                              Create the lab bucket that uses this credentials.

                              Create a project

                              You are now ready to use the datahub as a storage for your project.

                              Create a new project and select your lab as your storage location (you can disable the backup storage location if you don't want you objects to be stored elsewhere as the lab is automatically backup).

                              Use this storage as default

                              In your space, you can use this new storage as the default for project. Go to Space > Manage your space. Edit the space and select the new storage location.

                              View document in the lab

                              As the documents are stored in the lab, it is possible to view them in the databox.

                              In the databox select Include not flagged resources to view all resource. The project document are tagged with the tag : bucket : projects-storage. You can also filter them by selecting the Origin : Project document.