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Digital views in Community

Just like in digital reports, you can add digital views to stories and community documentations. To do this, first download the digital view file, and then import it into the story/documentation.

Here is an example of a digital view in a documentation:

How to download a digital view file ?

The first step involves downloading the digital view file you want to import. To do this, go to the desired view in a digital lab, then click on the "View Settings" button, and after that click on the "Download view json file" button, which will download the json file corresponding to the desired view.

How to import a digital view in Community stories/documentations ?

After downloading the digital view file you want to import into a story and/or documentation, simply add a "Resource view" block to the content of our story/documentation. A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to select the json file of the digital view. At this point, just import the file, and the digital view should appear in the story/documentation.