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How to transform table

Smart table transformer

The Smart Table Transformer is a task that helps you change a table based on a text description of what you need. It uses openAI to convert your instructions into Python code, which is then executed automatically.

Please follow these steps to use the Smart Table Transformer:

  1. Go to your experiment Playground and add the Smart Table Transformer task.
    1. Connect it to your input.
      1. Open the dashboard configuration and write the text that describes the changes you want. For example, you can specify to keep only the column where the average value is equal to or greater than 5.
        1. Execute your experiment. You can do this directly from the dashboard to see the results immediately. If the result is not exactly what you wanted, you can continue the conversation in the chat. The context will be preserved.

          Smart tasks usually provide two outputs: the transformed table as the result, and the generated code modified for use in a Python live task. If the transformation can be reused later, you can copy the code and save it in a live task for future use.