Constellab Contest Guidelines

Maëva Beugin
May 2, 2024

Co-authors : 
Estelle Champion
Djomangan Adama OUATTARA
Tarek Bazizi
Benjamin Maisonneuve
Valentin FOEX
Nour Larifi

Constellab Contest Guidelines

The Constellab Contest isn't just a competition; it's a movement towards open source innovation and collective knowledge in the life sciences. Are you passionate about pushing the boundaries of knowledge and collaboration? Here are the main principles and values of the contest:

Principles and values

  • Open Source Excellence: Everything from data sets to development pipelines will be open for the community. Your project will shine on our community website, fostering a culture of transparency and innovation.

    • Team collaborative: Bring together your brightest peers and co-create solutions that push scientific boundaries. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work.

      • Creativity unleashed: Dive deep into the capabilities of the Constellab platform and explore new scientific horizons. Your creativity could lead to the next big breakthrough in life sciences.

        • Smart resources management: You’ll have access to the Constellab lab equipped with 16 GB RAM and 4 CPUs. Optimize your project to leverage these resources effectively.

          Idea examples

          Do you need a public dataset or some pipeline ideas? Don't hesitate to have a look at these websites:

          They contain a lot or ready-to-use data, providing ample opportunities to explore and build upon various topics.

          For example:

          • What are the statistical similarities between people who develop the same cancer?
            • How can machine learning be used to predict the diagnosis?
              • How are viruses distributed according to their geographical location?
                • Which factors can influence the development of disease in the microbial human gut?

                  Evaluation criteria

                  Here is the list of evaluation criteria for the projects. The total score is out of 100 points, with additional bonus points available 🤩.

                  Clear scientific interest

                  Knowledge of Constellab


                  Project management in the collaborative space



                  Green computing

                  Have a great contest ! 🎉