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16s Functional Analysis Prediction

Typing name :  TASK.gws_ubiome.Picrust2FunctionalAnalysis Brick :  gws_ubiome

this task permit to predict functional analysis of 16s rRNA data

This task uses PICRUSt2 : Phylogenetic Investigation of Communities by Reconstruction of Unobserved States(paper can be found here).It wraps a number of tools to generate functional predictions based on 16S rRNA gene sequencing data. The input files should be a FASTA of amplicon sequences variants (ASVs; i.e. your representative sequences, not your raw reads, which is ASV-sequences.fasta generated using Q2FeatureInference task) and a qza table of the abundance of each ASV across each sample which is table.qza (generated using the same previous task ). The key output files are:

  • EC_metagenome_out : Folder containing unstratified EC number metagenome predictions. (pred_metagenome_unstrat.tsv.gz), sequence table normalized by predicted 16S copy number abundances. (seqtab_norm.tsv.gz), and the per-sample NSTI values weighted by the abundance of each ASV (weighted_nsti.tsv.gz).
  • KO_metagenome_out : As EC_metagenome_out above, but for Kegg orthology metagenomes.
  • pathways_out : Folder containing predicted pathway abundances and coverages per-sample, based on predicted EC number abundances.


File containing the abundance of each ASV across each sample
This file contain FASTA of amplicon sequences variants


This folder contain the outputs




Number of threads

Type : intDefault value : 2