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Short Description

STATS provides core features for statistical analysis of biological data.

How That Works?

STATS offers ready-to-use and customizable tools for the statistical analysis of data. It proposes the most widely used statistical methods for biological data analysis, from descriptive to parametric and non-parametric inference statistics, in order to quantitatively assess whether your biological data supports your hypothesis. 

Applications & Benefits
  • Test microbial diversity between body sites
    • Assess cell type diversity between groups (e.g. cancer)
      • Compare pharmacological effects between drugs
        • … and more

          Input Data
          • Any data. For example: Omics, clinical, biological, environmental data

            • Varying analysis time depending on the size of the data and the type of analysis.

              • Gencovery team support
                • Gencovery ecosystem support (we make the connection with the right expert)

                  Intellectual Property
                  • You keep IP on your proprietary data, and any related models or insights generated in Constellab™.
                    • You keep IP on your custom pipelines, know-how, and bricks created in Constellab™