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Conda env task

Typing name :  TASK.gws_core.CondaEnvTask Brick :  gws_core v

CondaEnvTask task.

This class allows to run python scripts in conda virtual environments. It rely on the awesome Conda containerization system to efficiently automate the management of your venvs. See also https://conda.io/.

:property env_file_path: The dependencies to install. Could be a list of modules or the path of a dependency file. :type env_file_path: list,str

For conda, a typical yml environment file content is: name: my_env_name channels: - javascript - conda-forge dependencies: - r-base=3.1.2 - r-tidyverse - python=3.6 - bokeh=0.9.2 - numpy=1.9.* - nodejs=0.10.* - flask - pip: - Flask-Testing