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Download external files that are required by a task. To init this class, you need to provide the brick name of the task and the message dispatcher of the task. For example: TaskFileDownloader(brick_name=MyTaskClass.get_brick_name(), message_dispatcher=self.message_dispatcher)

It is recommended to use MyTaskClass.get_brick_name() because this defines the destination of the downloader file. With this, the destination will be the same even is your task is overriden by another task (and the file will not be duplicated).

:param FileDownloader: description :type FileDownloader: type


brick_name: strdestination_folder: strmessage_dispatcher: MessageDispatcher




                        use : self.message_dispatcher, defaults to None
NameTypeDefault valueDescription
brick_namestr Brick name of the task, use : mytaskclass.get_brick_name()
message_dispatcherMessageDispatcher Object to log the progress message of the downloading in the task. , optional

Unzip a file to a given path

NameTypeDefault valueDescription
file_pathstr The path to the file to unzip ``
Return type:

Download a file from a given url to a given file path

NameTypeDefault valueDescription
urlstr The url to download the file from ``
headersDict The headers to send with the request `dict`
timeoutfloat The timeout for the request ``
destination_folderstr The destination folder to save the file to, if none, the default destination folder is used ``
Return type:

Download a file from a given url if the file does not already exist. This class is useful for downloading a file that is required for a task. If used within a task, it automatically logs the download progress and the time it took to download the file.

             tries to download a file with the same name, it considers that the file has already been downloaded
             and will not download it. If you want to force the download of a file (new version for example), change the filename (adding v2 for example).
NameTypeDefault valueDescription
urlstr Url to download the file from
filenamestr Name of the file once downloaded. this filename must be unique for the brick. if a file downloader
headersDict Http header to attach to the download request, defaults to none [str, str], optional
timeoutfloat Timeout of the download request, defaults to none , optional
decompress_filebool False If true the file is decompress (support .zip and .tar.gz) after the download and the zip file is deleted, defaults to false , optional
Return type: