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Introduction Version

Technical documentation

In Constellab community you can upload a technical documentation for your major brick version. It will list all the resources, tasks and protocols of your brick.

It retrieves information about the object and the python documentation under the class.

Only the python description under the class is retrieved (other comments are ignored) and it supports markdown. Exemple of python documentation for a Resource :

  class Robot(Resource):
      This class represent a Robot resource that can travel. 
      **It has many process associated to make it travel.**

Generate the documentation

Generate the documentation from your lab

To generate the technical documentation of your brick, log into the lab where your brick is install. It can be generated from the prod or dev environment. Open the Monitoring page. You should see your brick. Expand your brick by clicking on it.

Once expanded you should see the GENERATE TECHNICAL DOC button. Click on it and it should download a json file in your computer. This file contains the complete technical documentation for your brick.

Upload the documentation into the hub

Log into the hub and open your brick page. Click on the CREATE ELEMENT button, then select Technical documentation and upload the json file previously downloaded.

The technical doc should be created and a new folder named Technical documentation should have been created at the end of the documentation menu.