How to do some basic operations in Constellab?

Feb 12, 2024

Data analysis starts with the transformation of the data into a suitable format for analysis, such as converting variables, aggregating data, or normalizing values. In a previous story, I showed how to import a data set in Constellab. In this new video, I show you how to start with some basic functions, in particular :

  • how to select columns with Table columns selector
    • how to transpose a table with Table transposer
      • how to scale data values with Table scaler and Table columns scaler

        To sum up:

        1 - create a new experiment and select a resource of type Table

        2 - click on Add an object then Add a process to get access to the list of all tasks. Select the task you need, check the configuration and run the experiment

        3 - optional: by default, the new resource (Table) will have the same name of the input. You can change the name from the menu option of the resource.