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Context builder

Typing name :  TASK.gws_gena.ContextBuilder Brick :  gws_gena v

Build a context for a metabolic network using a flux table

ContextBuilder Task

This task creates a Context object using a Flux Table or a 'Phenotype Table' and a metabolic Network. A Context object is used to create digital twins and perform metabolic flux analyses.

  • Inputs
    • The Network is a metabolic network
    • The Flux Table gives the list of metabolic fluxes that are experimentally measured.
    • The Phenotype table gives the list of internal metabolic variations that are experimentally measured.
  • Output
    • The Context object that can be used for flux simulation It generally corresponds to the consupmtion or production rates of a list on metabolites measured in a bioreactor.


Metabolic network
Flux table
2d excel like table
Phenotype table
2d excel like table


Network context
Context of metabolic network