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Table column operations

Typing name :  TASK.gws_core.TableColumnOperations Brick :  gws_core v

Operations on columns for a table

This task allows you to do mathematical operation on a Table column.

It works with the column names, supports basic operations, comparator, parenthesis and some math functions.


Let's say you have this Table with the column A, B, C, D

1 10 11 -9
2 8 10 -6
3 6 9 -3

Here is few example that you can write in the operations config.

  • Addition : A + B + C
  • Constant : A + 10
  • Subtraction : A - C
  • Multiplication : A * C
  • Division : A / C
  • Exponentiation : A ** C
  • Modulus : A % C
  • Floor division : A // C
  • Advanced exemple : (A + B) / (C * D)


This task support comparaison, it will return the string True or False.

Comparaison operators : ==, !=, >, <, >= and <=

Math functions

This task supports basic math functions : sin, cos, exp, log, expm1, log1p, sqrt, sinh, cosh, tanh, arcsin, arccos, arctan, arccosh, arcsinh, arctanh, abs, arctan2 and log10.

Example : log(A)

Define column names

You can define a custom column name in the operations. Example : E = A + B, this will set the result in the E columns.

Multiple operation

Multiple operation are possible but it requires an assignment to a new columns.

For exemple, if you want to create 2 new calculated columns you could do write 2 operation (in 2 different lines) :

E = A + B
F = C - D

The result of the previous operation can also be use for the next operation (here we use the new column E to calculate F) :

E = A + B
F = E - D

Advanced usage

This task uses the eval function of python dataframe. To see all the possibility, check the following link : https://pandas.pydata.org/pandas-docs/stable/user_guide/enhancingperf.html#expression-evaluation-via-eval


2d excel like table


2d excel like table



Operations on columns, see documentation for more info

Type : list



If true, the original columns of the Table will be added at the end of the Table. If false, only the calculcation columns are kept.

Type : bool