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Introduction Version

Create your first resource

In this tutorial you will learn how to create and test a Resource. This requires basic understanding of what a Resource is and what a Task is.

  • Please check the following link if you don't know what is a Task : Task > Task
    • Please check the following link if your don't know what is a Resource : Resource > Resource.

      Before creating a Resource class, it is recommended to check whether a similar Resource exists or not. For exemple, if you want to create a Resource that hold a 2d array (like a Dataframe) you might want ot check the Table Resource from gws_core.

      Also if you object is composed of different objects you might want to use the ResourceSet class. ResourceSet allows you multiple resources inside one single Resource. With this you will still be able to use standard Resource classes.

      If the existing Resources do not match your need, you still can create your own Resource class.